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Corporate Slogan / Investment Approach

Corporate Slogan

We will continue to challenge ourselves based on tradition and trust.

MJIA was established in 2001 to promote the most effective utilization of real estate in the real estate investment market. By responding appropriately to investors' capital requirements, thus gaining their trust, MJIA aims to optimize the integration of real estate and capital, in the hope of contributing true economic value to stakeholders.

MJIA seeks to win over investors by carrying on the traditions of the Mitsubishi Estate Group and continuing to offer expert business services. The company strives to maintain rigorous legal compliance and high ethical standards, and critically reflect upon its conduct, in its commitment to acting as a team of sincere professionals that places top priority on fairness and transparency. At the same time, MJIA responds flexibly to today’s rapidly changing environment, ever aware that in a world where only the fittest survive, its combination of enthusiasm and a capability for cool, composed thinking will be the keys to continued success.

Investment Approach

Close ties between the Mitsubishi Estate Group and Mitsubishi-related industrial and financial institutions enable clients to benefit from investments chosen to yield either a stable cash flow or capital gains. In sourcing high-value properties, the company focuses on medium- and long-term investment returns, and buy-in at reasonable prices. This approach yields exceptional asset values, and delivers outstanding investment opportunities to clients.

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