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Sustainability Policy

As part of the Mitsubishi Estate Group, Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc. is committed to the Group's basic approach to sustainability, which incorporates care for the global environment, sustainable growth in corporate value, and sustainable social development. These principles are set out in the Group's Mission, Code of Conduct, and Guidelines for Conduct.

Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc. also recognizes the importance of sustainability in its primary business of real estate investment. We strongly believe that integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in every way possible into our processes for evaluating and executing investments is essential to maximizing investor value over the medium to long term.

Based on this approach, we have adopted the following basic policies regarding sustainability, and we strive to execute them when conducting daily business.

1.Address Climate Change

In order to help achieve a decarbonized society, we do our utmost to promote energy-conserving measures, introduce the use of renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emission in our portfolio. We also endeavor to improve resilience to intensifying natural disasters during the transition to a decarbonized society.

2.Contribute to Biodiversity and Co-existence with Nature

We endeavor to help create a society that coexists with nature by recognizing the value of natural resources, working to reduce the environmental burden produced by our portfolio, increasing greenery within our properties, removing and cleaning up chemicals that are harmful to ecosystem, and attending to proper drainage disposal.

3.Contribute to Water Conservation and the Recycling of Resources

We strive to improve the efficiency of our water usage and to implement the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in our portfolio so we may make effective use of limited resources.

4.Improve Comfort, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction
     at Our Managed Properties

We shall strive to improve our operations and introduce new equipment in our facilities to better the health and safety of our tenants, as well as enhance client satisfaction, by implementing disaster prevention measures for a safer and more secure environment.

5.Create Opportunities for Diverse Human Resources in Our Workforce

We aim to create a healthy and fulfilling work environment that recognizes each employee's individuality and enables them to thrive.
We also support every employee on their path to realizing their full potential by supporting their continued growth under our training programs.

6.Collaborate with External Stakeholders

We strive to build strong relationships with our external stakeholders—including tenants, property managers, and others within our supply chain—as well as with local communities and governing bodies. Our focus is on collaborating with these parties as we put our sustainability policies into practice.

7.Disclose Sustainability Information and Obtain Environmental

We endeavor to disclose ESG-related information to our investors and other stakeholders, as well as obtain environmental certifications as needed in order to strengthen our sustainability efforts.

8.Ensure Compliance and Manage Risks

In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we adhere to societal values including equitable transactions, appropriate information management practices, prevention of corruption, prevention of conflicts of interest, and respect for human rights and diversity. Moreover, we take into consideration the environmental and social risks related to our portfolio and incorporate them into our real estate management process to minimize risk over the medium to long term.

Enacted : February 1, 2019
Revised : January 1, 2024

Sustainability Committee

Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc (MJIA) convenes its Sustainability Committee with a view to implementing the Sustainability Policy in order to improve sustainability and maximize its unitholder value.

・Members of the Committee

President & Chief Executive Officer (Chief Sustainability Officer)
General Manager Corporate Management Department (Senior Sustainability Officer)
General Managers of other departments and those practically in charge of sustainability at each department

・Reporting details, meeting frequency and examination process

As a general rule, the Committee meets once a quarter to deliberate sustainability-related material issues, goals and measures and to share progress reports. The Committee also evaluates and analyzes these matters while also exchanging the latest knowledge pertaining to sustainability.
The content of the Committee meetings is also reported to and supervised by the MJIA Board of Directors, while also being reported at the Board of Directors meetings that are held periodically at the investment corporations.

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