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Our Efforts Toward Employees

Offering Comfortable Working Environment

MJIA has taken the following initiatives in providing an environment for employees to work for the long term while enjoying comfort and security.

・Introduced flextime working system
・Providing community spaces within the office area
・Implementation of air environment measurement
・Assisting with expenses for internal exchange
・Introduced retirement plan
・Hosting “Family Days” for employees family


Developing Human Resources

Securing outstanding human resources and offering them ongoing opportunities for development are essential elements in achieving superior real estate fund management. At MJIA, we develop human resources with extensive expertise and know-how by incorporating various training and skills・career development programs into our development of employees’ capabilities.

・Offering various in-house training
・Providing support for obtaining specialist qualifications
 (The Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES) certified master, real estate
 broker, certified building administrator, etc., bookkeeping, etc.)
・Assisting with expenses for attending external training
・Offering overseas training
・Offering opportunities for online English learning course
・Seconding to external training institutions such as GLOBIS
・Offering opportunities to participate in various seminars, including assisting with
・Offering opportunities to participate in training provided by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

Introducing Management by Objective (MBO)

MJIA has introduced a ”Management by Objective (MBO)” for all employees in order to encourage individuals skills・career development. In the beginning of the year, employees set a specific goals through interviews with the personnel evaluator. Interviews are then conducted to provide employees’ their feedbacks on progress and evaluation during the period, and at the end of the period.

Communicating with Employees

With the aim of understanding employees’ thoughts on their career plans and their level of satisfaction with the company, MJIA works hard to encourage active communication between employees and their managers or the Personnel Department, through various forms, on both a regular and ad hoc basis. In addition to this communication, we are striving to create a safe and secure environment for employees by taking steps such as implementing compliance questionnaires and installing a helpline.

・Holding personnel interviews with all employees (annually)
・Holding president interviews with all employees
・Implementing satisfaction survey
・Installed helpline for employees

Benefit Programs

MJIA has installed a various range of programs designed to foster an environment where employees can work with more security and fulfillment as their lifestyles and life stages evolve.

・Maternity leave
・Child care leave
・Sick/Injured child care leave
・Family care leave
・Short time work for child care
・Short time work for family care
・Long service leave (program that provides special leave and congratulatory payment in
 recognition of service over a certain period of time)
・Congratulatory and condolence payments
・Partnership with welfare service affiliates

Paid days off utilization rate

- No. of paid days off No. of days used Utilization rate
FY2018 17.1 12.2 71%
FY2017 17.1 13.8 81%
FY2016 17.7 12.9 73%

* Figures represent average for all employees

Usage of child care leave, etc.

- - Child care leave Family care leave Short time work
FY2018 Male 0 0 0
Female 3 0 8
FY2017 Male 0 0 0
Female 4 0 6
FY2016 Male 1 0 0
Female 4 0 5

Supporting Employee Health

MJIA has taken the following initiatives based on the “Health and Productivity Management” concept, which maintains that companies who take employee health into consideration can expect even greater productivity and success.

・Providing medical examinations
・Assisting with expenses for comprehensive medical checkups
・Assisting with expenses for influenza and other vaccinations

Whistleblowing System

MJIA has installed a whistleblowing system which includes an external hotline to ensure the prevention and early detection of problems.

Personnel data

Number of Employees

- Regular employees Contract employees Seconded employees* Total employees (For reference)Temporary employees
Male 47 0 15 62 0
Female 27 0 4 31 10
Total 74 0 19 93 10

*As of April 1, 2019

- New employees Employees who left Retention rate
FY2018 7 4 94.2%
FY2017 6 8 88.8%
FY2016 8 5 92.7%

*Excludes transfers of seconded employees

Number of Employees with Qualifications

Name of qualification No. of qualified employees Name of qualification No. of qualified employees
Real Estate Appraiser 9 Real Estate Broker 56
First-Class Registered Architect 4 Certified Building Administrator 20
Attorney 2 Tax Accountant 2
Certified Public Accountant 1 Securities Analyst 7
MBA 1 ARES Certified Master 60
Real Estate Consulting Master 6

*As of April 1, 2019
*The figures above represent regular employees  and seconded employees. (Figures do not include employees dispatched from MJIA.)

Acceptance of External Human Resources (Utilizing Specialist Skills)

MJIA accepts outstanding human resources with experience and expertise in real estate investment and real estate management from the Group companies, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Real Estate Services Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc. as seconded employees. We also accept attorneys and real estate appraisers with high expertise in various legal systems and real estate valuation. We aim to maximize our operational performance by fully utilizing such external human resources.

・Legal firms (attorneys)
・Real estate appraisals (real estate appraisers)
・Group companies (Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Real Estate Services Co., Ltd.,
MEC Human Resources, Inc., Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc., MEC Business System Solutions Co., Ltd., Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc., MEC Business System Solutions Co., Ltd.)

Supporting Local Communities

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has adopted as its fundamental mission the goal of creating a truly meaningful society by building attractive, environmentally sound communities where people can live, work and relax with contentment. By putting this mission into practice, MJIA will actively play a role in the CSR initiatives conducted by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd

・Participating in CSR initiatives
・Participating in the Eco-friendaly cap recycling program

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